Spending Artha Points

Artha points may be spent in the following ways.
F-Fate Points, P-Persona Points, D-Deeds Points

1F- Luck: Add 1d6 to any single roll. 6’s are rolled again for additional successes. May not be used on atk or dmg rolls.

1F- Focus: May extend the critical success range for any single skill check to 17-20. Must be declared before the dice are rolled

1P- Boon: Treat one ability score as two higher for a single roll. This applies to atk and dmg rolls. Up to 3P may be spent on a single roll

1P- Opportune Complication: May assume a significant character penalty or complication to avoid the results of a failed test that would otherwise result in “certain death”. Subject to GM approval.

1P- Will To Live: May make a Fortitude check to survive an atk that would otherwise kill kill you. If successful, you remain stable and unconscious at -(CON-1)hp until you are healed. May be used once per session

1D- Divine Inspiration: Roll 2d20’s for a single check. Does not apply to atk rolls

1D- Saving Grace: Reroll any one check and take highest result. This applies to atk rolls

1D- Grit Your Teeth: As a Move action, temporarily ignore up to 1/3 of your total hp worth of dmg from a single combat round. This hp dmg must still be healed before this effect may be used again.

5F, 3P, 1D- Aristeia: May either double a single skill or ability score for the duration of an entire scene(does not apply to atk/dmg rolls), or may ignore all dmg and subtracted die rolls while you accomplish a single goal during a scene, chosen when the effect is used. (For example, “to kill my enemy” or “To sway the court to my side”). Subject to GM discretion and approval.

Spending Artha Points

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