Artha System


Fate points are earned for manifesting the character’s Beliefs in a convincing and dramatic manner. This award is given when playing a Belief serves a purpose and drives the game forward.
Fate points are earned for playing Instincts when such play gets the character in trouble or creates a difficult or awkward situation.
Fate points can be earned for using traits, but only if invoking that trait alters the direction of the story in an unforeseen way or makes life difficult for the character.
Right Skill, Right Time
Fate points may also be earned if a character has the right skill (when no one else does) to keep the story moving. Consider it a reward for clever character building and creative roleplaying.


When a player captures the mood of the session perfectly and further drives the story onward, one persona point is awarded. Moments like great speeches, desperate decisions or gruesome revenge fall into this category. This is a tough award to get, as the player really must go above
and beyond in their roleplaying.
If a player comes to a point in the story where their Beliefs, Instincts and Traits conflict with a decision they must make—a direction in which they must go—and he/she plays out the inner turmoil, in a believable and engaging manner, then he earns a persona point. Other players, as well as the GM, may nominate each other for this award.
Personal Goals
Characters who accomplish personal goals—revenge, promotion, seduction, victory, etc—earn a persona point. These goals should either be clearly described in a character’s Beliefs, or should be an explicitly stated goal for the group.
Being the workhorse character—the most relied upon in a given scenario—is worth a persona point. This is for the mundane stuff— having that piece of gear to make a scene go, having that skill to get the other character safely through danger and just generally slaving
away behind the scenes to make it all work.
Being voted the “most valuable player” for a scenario earns a persona point. MVP is for the character who drives the story to its conclusion, the character who shines in the last moments and about whom everyone agrees, “Damn, we couldn’t have done it without him!”


Deeds points are rare and are reserved solely for accomplishing goals larger than a character’s personal agenda. To qualify for this reward you must do something that benefits more than just the character, and do it for reasons other than personal gain. Such an accomplishment must come with some cost or sacrifice—it’s got to hurt a little to attain this level. Exacting revenge on your enemies through a brilliant plan is great, but it’s only worth a persona point. Hitching yourself to a cause that transforms the setting—but doesn’t directly benefit you or your friends—is worth a deeds point. Also, helping another character accomplish goals that are anathema to your goals, Instincts and Beliefs can earn a deeds point.

Artha System

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