Seedy taverns, poorly run brothels, and rat-infested gambling dens compete with salt-blasted tenement buildings and cheap flophouses in Magnimar’s most dangerous district, Underbridge. While several of the city’s religions have attempted in the past to reform and redeem the lost of this district, it seems that the denizens of Underbridge prefer to live amid squalor and danger, if only as a way to escape the demands of faith and society. It’s not uncommon to hear talk amid the citizens of Under bridge of how their district is the only one that maintains Magnimar’s purpose- that they, and they alone, uphold the values of freedom and liberty that Magnimar’s original founders held so dear.

Although the submerged rubble and jagged, ruined pylons of the Irespan make sailing beneath the Giant’s Bridge a treacherous prospect, a few docks line the trash- strewn Underbridge shore. While the majority of Underbridge’s roads are little more than muddy gaps between slumping shanties and decaying shacks, evidence of the Magnimarian founders’ attempt to bring civilization even here are evident in short stretches of broken cobblestones. The larger paving stones that once lined the major streets (placed during the city’s foundation when visions of Underbridge as a slum had yet to manifest) have all long since been dug up and sold off.

Notable Locations

Friendly Merchant A dilapidated tavern frequented by thugs, con artists, deviants, and worse.

The Shadow Clock Among the most impressive monuments in Underbridge, the Shadow Clock is a minor marvel of engineering. At a height of 250 feet, this teetering structure of stone, wood, and rusted metal towers above the other buildings in the district, yet the overwhelming presence of the Irespan pilings itself keeps the clock in a more than symbolic shadow. The tower’s clock face is frozen at 3 o’clock

Shrine of Sarenrae Dilapidated and abandoned, this failed church to the Dawnflower has remained unoccupied since Magnimar’s earliest days. For whatever reason, Sarenrae’s faithful have never chosen to reclaim the land, leaving it to languish here in the shadows.


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