Although named for one of Magnimar’s most beloved historical figures, Ordellia Whilwren, the district of Ordellia faces a specific (and for a city of Magnimar’s supposedly open-minded nature, rather ironic) challenge-for it is here that many of those of “foreign” blood dwell. Separated from the main city by the deep waters of the Yondabakari, Ordellia simultaneously extols the virtues of diversity Magnimar was founded on and suffers from and supplies those who distrust outlanders with constant reminders of why a safe city has walls.

Long a hotbed of diss ension and governmental criticism, Ordellia perhap s best embodies the spirit of freedom and leaderless rule Magnimar was founded upon. Many in the district consider Ordellia a town apart from Magnimar, taking pride in organizing their own small community militia and council apart from the city’s.

Between Ordellia itself and the rest of the city is a small island given over almost completely to lumber mills, granaries, tanneries, and other smelly or noisy workshop s best situated away from homes and quieter businesses. The island is known as Kyver’s Islet, and to Ordellians as “Little Beacon” (because of its smaller size but similar purpose to Beacon’s End).

Ordellia does not receive much official support from the city watch patrols-officials blame the difficulties of maintaining proper rounds at such a great distance and bottlenecking is sues with the bridges. Security, like so many other amenities, is left to its inhabitants. The major roads are cobble stone, with hard-packed earth in alleys or on Kyver’s Islet. Several of the dirt roads have wooden beams sunken into them to help keep them navigable during the wet seasons.

Notable Locations

Seven’s Sawmill

Red Kestrel Imports This large red waterfront warehouse near the northern end of Ordellia flies six different flags above its large primary doors-Absalom, Cheliax, Osirion, Katapesh, Sargava, and above them all the flag of Magnimar. These flags indicate the six nations in which Red Kestrel Imports keeps warehouses and ships.

Embassy Building This sprawling two-story building is where agents of other nations (or, in the case of Korvosa, cities) maintain an official presence in the city of Magnimar. The city has extended invitations to nearly two dozen nations in the Inner Sea region, offering a place in the city in exchange for some level of presence in the other nations’ capitals. Several nations turned the offer down, discounting Magnimar as an upstart backwoods colony destined to fail in a matter of years, if not months-a burning statement that irks Magnimarian diplomats to no end, inspiring the city to permanently withdraw any further invitations to the pompous nations. Currently, the nations of Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Katapesh, Osirion, Qadira, Sargava, Taldor, and Ustalav all maintain embassies here, and enjoy the benefits of increased trade with lesser tariffs as a result. The Korvosan wing of this building is maintained only out of a sense of duty, but it is typically empty-inhabited only on the rare occasions when official Korvosan agents must visit the city on business.

Billivin’s Benevolent Balms and Effulgent Elixirs

Rose and Rake The unofficial “capitol” of Ordellia is the Rose and Rake theater, an open- air, circular playhouse known for its scathing social satires and ribald political commentaries. This establishment, more than any other in Ordellia, has been known to draw visitors from elsewhere in the city- even customers who are normally quite vocal in their disdain for Ordellia, and especially when they attract famous actors or stage particularly well-loved productions that other playhouses in Magnimar simply are not large enough to accommodate. The Rose and Rake also serves as a place for the citizens of Ordellia to hold town hall meetings and other large gatherings , and a large building nearby serves as the offices of the elected members of the Small Council, officially a subset of the Council of Ushers.

Mistress of Angels This fine marble s culpture of Ordellia Whilwren, one of the founders of Magnimar, shows the beloved cleric of Desna looking out over the Varisian Gulf to the horizon, as if she were s canning for threats to the city.

Pug’s Contraptions The Golemworks is not the only establishment in Magnimar that specializes in giving inanimate objects the semblance of life. At Pug’s Contraptions, the Pug family has long offered a wide assortment of windup toys, minor clockwork baubles, unique locks, extravagant birdcages, and other unusual tools and entertainments.


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