Home to many merchants and comfortable families, Naos is disparagingly called the “New-Money District” by local aristocrats . Despite the disdainful comments of the elite, Naos is one of the most welcoming and well kept parts of Magnimar.

In the relatively small neighborhood of Vista, highclass shops, restaurants, businesses, and the offices of mercantile concerns perch atop the Seacleft’s edge, while Grand Arch is the largest of Naos’s neighborhoods, stretching from the Twins’ Gate to the heart of the upper cliff. Many of Magnimar’s middle class and simple shop owners live here comfortably.

Notable Locations

The Osprey Club Well known, but never seen except by members of the city’s most prestigious families and those on their guest lists, are the libertine delights and extravagant gatherings hosted within this towering structure. Rumors persist that members of a secret society known only to a select few of the city’s elite meet in secret here once every month for potentially nefarious purposes.

Cathedral of Abadar This sprawling stone structure is the largest temple in Magnimar, and serves also as the central bank for both Magnimar and the entire region of Western Varisia. The Church of Abadar also sponsors many field agents to join adventuring groups or mercernary bands in order to keep abreast of rising threats and important developments in the region.

Kaijitsu Villa For a time, the Kaijitsus were the newest aristocrats of Magnimar, yet after a disastrous storm resulted in the death of the family’s leader in 4687 AR, the Kaijitsus have increasingly focused their attention on their interests in Sandpoint, leaving this villa to slowly fall into disrepair. Since news of Ameiko Kaijitsu’s coronation as the Jade Empress of Tian Xia, the Lord-Mayor has spent considerable amounts of money to have the villa repaired and refurbished, should she or her family wish to return to Magnimar.

Deverin Villa The Derevins are perhaps the most laid-back of Magnimar’s aristocrats, and their famous (some might say notorious) patience with the commonfolk has earned the family’s leader- Hobart Deverin, the nickname of the “Simple Lord”. The family owns one of Magnimar’s most successful breweries, the Fancy Reefclaw and Hobart’s niece serves as mayor of the small northern settlement of Sandpoint.

House of Welcome Magnimar’s most exclusive (and most expensive) brothel is the House of Welcome, a sprawling villa that inspires the jealousy of many of the city’s families.

Defiant’s Garden Directly upon the Seacleft stand several estates of the city’s more daring aristocrats, but even the most lavish ofthese are outshined by Defiant’s Garden, diplomatic resort and home of Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras.

Arvensoar The tallest structure in Magnimar and a wonder in a city of architectural feats , the Arvensoar stands approximately 400 feet tall, climbing the entire length of the Sea cleft and extending nearly a hundred feet above Naos itself. In the simplest senses , the great tower is the garrison of the city’s watch and small military, as well as being a quick, city-controlled connection between the Shore and the Summit. Beyond having these mundane uses, the tower is a symbol of the city’s unity, ambition, and history.

Temple of Iomedae The fortresslike temple to The Inheritor stands proudly before the entrance to the Avenue of Honors. Silver trumpets atop the temple’s spire sound the daily call to glory, preaching honor, sacrifice, and courage to the layman.

Founder’s Flame This magical fountain of flame consists of a pedestal that supports a bronze bowl filled with green oil. A nimbus of fire burns perpetually in the bowl, changing to an arcane rhythm and cycling color from yellow to orange to violet to blue. Benches surround the remarkable fountain at a safe distance.

The Guardians Just within Twins’ Gate stand the Guardians, one of the city’s larger monuments. These 200 foot tall colossi depicting the young heroes Cailyn and Romre Vanderale face each other with burning staves held high, forming a giant arch.

Bastion of the Nail The stark, utilitarian design of this fortresslike structure appears ready to fend off an invasion, even in the midst of a teeming metropolis. This structure is the headquarters of a local contingent of Hellknights of the Order of the Nail, on permanent loan from Citadel Vraid. What the Hellknights lack in numbers, they make up for in tenacity and skill, patrolling areas that the city guards overlook out because of distance or danger. The Hellknights also accept payment from individuals wishing stronger protection the city’s guards or mercenary companies can provide.

The Triodea Upon Star Silver Plaza-where abalone shell inlays create a scene of thousands of stars-stands the Triodea, the most renowned playhouse and concert hall in Magnimar. This single building houses three performance halls: the Grand Stage for operas and plays, an acoustically perfect concert hall called the Stonewall, and the Aerie- a raised, rooftop stage for soloists.


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