Nestled at the bottom of the Seacleft lies one of Magnimar’s most vibrant districts. Numerous small playhouses, pubs, brothels, hookah bars, dance halls, and a wide variety of other entertainments make Lowcleft- or “the Rubble”, as locals typically call it (as much because of the minor but frequent small rockfalls that tumble from the face of the Seacleft and land here, as to the district’s perceived low morals)-a home to the city’s artistic and avant-garde community. In Lowcleft, subversive entertainment, anti- establishment rhetoric, and wild social experimentation are the norm. Aristocrats often sneak down to Lowcleft to enjoy its edge just as middle – class workers often visit the district to escape the drudgery of mindless work.

Lowcleft is unlike many of Magnimar’s other districts in that it doesn’t truly come to life until the sun sets. During the day, the place is quiet and calm as its workers and offerings sleep in rooms with dark curtains drawn to block the sunlight. At dusk, when those who live elsewhere in the city finish their day’s work and filter down to Lowcleft for some relaxation and relatively safe entertainment, Lowleft rises from its slumber to become one of the city’s busiest districts.

Notable Locations

Matador’s Lodge

The Gilded Cage

The Fancy Reefclaw One of Magnimar’s most successful breweries, the Fancy Reefclaw is unmistakable on its street for its bright red- and-yellow facade, upon which is painted a huge mural of a reefclaw wearing a fine towncoat, a tricorne hat, and gold chains. This is the mascot for the brewery, and its appearance on the label of raspberry ale, lambics, and other fine drinks is a mark of quality among Magnimar’s imbibers.

The Courtesan and Unicorn

The Dreaming Dryad

Mapstone Monument This corner of Seerspring Garden is dominated by a massive block of marble that protrude s 3 feet from the ground. The top of this block of stone has been meticulously carved into a scale model of the city of Magnimar.

The Celwynvian Charge A gift from the elves of the distant Mierani Forest after Magnimar sent a delegation to secure a trade alliance, what was originally nothing more than a curious stony seedpod has, over the decades, grown into a tree-shaped sculpture as tall as a two-story building. The strange tree sculpture blossoms every year, growing real leaves that bud and fall at the appropriate times of year.


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