While impressive and intimidating buildings line Keystone’s major streets, behind them lie the townhouses and close alleys of Magnimar’s laity. It is the s e buildings that the majority of the middle class of Magnimar calls home. While holy houses to some of the gods can be found in other districts, Keystone features the largest number of temples, shrines, and holy sites. The portion of Keystone that consists primarily of private homes is also called the Marches. Many simple and largely contented folk live in this sizable neighborhood, which runs down the center of the district.

While Castlegate, the primary entrance to Magnimar for travelers from elsewhere in Varisia, sits on the border between Keystone and Lowcleft, it is to Keystone that this towering gatehouse technically belongs- and as such, it is Keystone that most land-bound travelers visit first upon arriving in Magnimar. No taxes are charged for the use of this gate to enter or leave Magnimar. Buildings in this district range from intricate and impressive structures (such as can be seen in several of the district’s churches) to humble wooden abodes.

Notable Locations

Our Lady of Blessed Waters Seerspring Garden, a park boasting a spring of crisp, clear water, marks the northeastern corner of Keystone. The park itself is a fine place to relax, but its most striking feature is the bronze, strangely verdigris-free statue of a lithe woman that stands at the center of the water. The statue is said to be an image of the spirit believed to linger within the Seerspring, but none in Magnimar know who built the mysterious monument.

Deadeye Lodge

Dome of the Savored Sting

Founder’s Honor The visage of Alcaydian Indros is common enough in Magnimar, but this 50 foot-tall monument to the city’s heroic founder is among its most iconic and well loved. Patriotic Magnimarians often leave offerings of fruit s and flowers at the statue’s feet.

Stone of the Seers To the south of Seerspring Garden stands Magnimar’s most esteemed school of wizardry, the Stone ofthe Seers. The spring that still bubbles at the heart of Keystone is said to have once been home to an oracular water spirit who departed decades ago but promised to one day return. In the tradition of that strange sibyl, the current headmaster began a school of the arcane with a focus on abjuration and divination magics. The school is small- not because of a lack of interest, but because a desire to keep classes as personal as possible.

Church of Pharasma


The Burn

Cynosure Tower It’s unusual for the priesthood of Desna, with their fondness of travel and the night sky, to build permanent shrine s . But as Desna’s worship is quite popular among Magnimarians (particularly among the city’s pure-blooded Varisians), the faith maintains a temple in the city. Called Cynosure Tower in honor of Desna’s palace, this ring-shaped structure has an courtyard that remains open to the sky.

Varisian Council The Varisian Council is the oft-forgotten third branch of Magnimar’s government. Here, amid the colorful tents and wagons of Keystone’s largest Varisian camp, the Council works to ensure that the needs of the Varisian peoples are met by Magnimar.


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