The shouts and bustle of countless traders, fishermen, and foreign travelers stir the choppy waters of Outcast’s Cove through all hours of the day and night. Along the seaside district of Dockway, salt-blasted storefronts and cramped businesses cater to the typically rough seafolk, while exotic inns and taverns serve as familiar welcomes to visitors from afar.

The waterfront is a constantly bustling scene of activity as ships bearing travelers and cargo vie for dock space, and even the neighborhoods farthest from the shore are noisy and raucous . The large number of fishing eagle nests amid the crags of the Seacleft are the source of the area’s less common name, “Eagle’s Quarter.” The streets here are cobblestone, and buildings are an equal mix of stone and wood.

Notable Locations

The Old Fang The best known of the Dockway’s taverns is the Old Fang, a taproom and cheap inn built right on the docks and covered in barnacle s below and peeling white paint above.

Eyes of the Hawk This monument depicts the twin wizards Cailyn and Romre Vanderale and their adventuring party, the Eyes of the Hawk, as they defeated a horde of monstrous, spidery beasts.


Carent’s Camp

Bazaar of Sails A destination for traders the world over, the Bazaar of Sails is the largest free market in Varisia. Anyone with merchandise to sell is welcome to set up a tent, booth, or wagon among the hundreds of other ever- changing shops that fill the dockside plaza. Crops from local farmers, Varisian artifacts , Osirian spices, Chelish finery, Andoran quartos, and more exotic goods from a hundred foreign ports fill the market, with each day’s offerings varying with the season, trade winds, and tides.

The Shucked Oyster

Captain’s Club

Bronze House

Impound Yard

Merchants’ Guildhall

The Fifth Wind This massive stone weather vane stands amid the docks, its windsocks towering above surrounding buildings so as to give all of Outcast’s Cove an easy method of determining wind speed and power. The sides of the stone pylon that supports the windsocks are carved with complex images of air elementals and cloud dragons in fierce battle.

Outcast’s Cove


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