Alabaster District

The Alabaster District is home to Magnimar’s richest and most affluent citizen s . Aristocrat’s, guild masters, and anyone rich enough to afford such a lifestyle dwell in the grandiose villas and mansions that line this district’s streets, which also house the small armies of support staff each villa requires to maintain it s decadence and splendor.

The streets of Alabaster District are kept quite clean-even the alleyways here are relatively free of vagrants and accumulated trash. Stone blocks pave all major streets, with bricks and cobblestone more common in alleyways and side streets. The majority of the buildings here are made of stone as well, with wooden or slate shingle roofs .

The northernmost end of this district is segregated from the lower districts by steeply canted, marble-inlaid walls , with prominent avenues allowing one to ascend to the statuary-lined streets above by way of long, well guarded stairs.

Notable Locations

Fort Indros At the northernmost point of the Alabaster District looms Fort Indros. Commanding a strategic position over Magnimar’s coast, Fort Indros bristles with ballistae and trebuchets-its basalt walls and towers stretching a hundred feet into the sky mark it as the tallest structure in the district. The lofty fortress deters all but the most brazen of pirate attacks.

Alabaster Park This pleasant public park’s proximity to the Serpent’s Run makes it a favorite place for many folk to retreat to when the bustle of that locale grows too overwhelming, and after a successful event many patrons of the Serpent’s Run can be seen lounging or conversing in the grass of the park.

Serpent’s Run This sprawling hippodrome is easily Magnimar’s most popular public venue, and is also the city’s largest modern structure. Snakes are a common decorative motif here, including one tremendously long carving of a single immense snake winding around the upper rim of the Run, its tail clenched in its own teeth above the venue’s main entrance-an homage to the heroics of the city’s most beloved founder. The primary street leading to the main entrance is known as Champion’s Walk, a statuary-lined avenue decorated with images of the field’s greatest champions. This gigantic arena hosts decathlons, horse and dog races, displays of magic, circus performances, and-on rare occasions small-scale naval engagements and mock-gladiatorial battles.

Heidmarch Manor The first Pathfinder lodge in Varisia welcomes all members eager to explore the still relatively unknown land, including the surrounding region and the mysterious City of Monuments itself.

House of Lords Representatives of all seven of Magnimar’s major families maintain offices in the House of Lords that are open to the public during daylight hours. Here, citizens can air grievances, beg favors, or otherwise interact with representatives of the city’s nobility.

Kaddren Villa One of the founding families of Magnimar, the Kaddrens continue to focus their interests in magic, just as their founder, Antholus Kaddren did, and are strong supporters of The Golemworks.

Nirodin Villa This fine estate is currently run by Cheiskaia Nirodin, a member of the Council of Ushers and well-to -do patron of the arts.

Vanderale Villa Along with the Kaddrens and the Indroses, the Vanderales among the oldest families of Magnimar, and are also in many ways one of the most influential and successful. Their matriarch, Shynin Vanderale, was the first to recognize Magnimar’s potential as a trading city. Her legacy lives on through the Vanderale’s majority control of the city;s Merchants’ Guild.

Scarnetti Villa The Scarnettis are the most successful of the “new blood” nobility, maintaining control of Magnimar’s industrious shipyards. The family has a long history of clashing with the city’s native Shoanti population.

Mindurian Villa The Mindurians made their fortune and name with their impressive skills at stonemasonry, and were originally hired by the city founders to help design many of Magnimar’s more important buildings.

Valdemar Villa Once one of Magnimar’s most successful families, the Valdemar’s have fallen on hard times recently due to heavy competition form the Scarnettis and a series of scandalous family tragedies. The family’s frail and elderly patriarch, Ethram Valdemar prefers to remain in the small town of Sandpoint to the north, while he recovers from a particularly persistent lung infection.

Versade Villa No one in the Magnimarian elite throws better parties than the Versades… No one

Derexhi Villa Unlike most other aristocrats, the Derexhis money comes not from trade or industry, but from what many would term mercenary work. The family employs sentinels, rumor-gatherers, and-in honor of their founding ancestor Aitin Aioldo Derexhi, bodyguards. One of the oldest families in Magnimar, the Derexhis are currently led by Luma Derexhi- the illegitimate half-elven daughter of the family’s previous patriarch. The scion is still new to her duties, having come into her position only a year ago, after her siblings attempted to stage a coup that was nearly successful, and led to the death of her entire immediate family. Luma is currently searching for skilled and brave individuals to form a new mercenary party to restore honor to her family’s name.

Alabaster District

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