Sheila Heidmarch


Sheila Heidmarch cuts an imposing figure among Magnimar’s elite. With her unusually low and sultry voice, she both turns heads at high society events and commands respect from Pathfinder field agents.


Sheila Heidmarch recently retired from fieldwork and moved to Magnimar with her husband Sir Canayven Heidmarch to help found the region’s first Pathfinder lodge, and in the few years she’s lived here, she’s grown to love the land. She watched, helpless to provide aid because of her responsibilities to the new lodge,as Karzoug’s rise sent rumbles throughout Varisia. Thankful that his rise was defeated, she has vowed to not let Varisia be unprepared for future events of this magnitude. She spent years researching the ancient past, and has gathered together a number of capable Pathfinders to aid her in discovering a means to stand against such threats, so that if the Runelords do rise, Varisia will have a potent defense indeed.

Sheila Heidmarch

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